Those Guys Marketing is a print & digital marketing agency specializing in small business and non-profit solutions.

We believe every organization should have access to effective marketing tools and talent.

We partner with your business or organization to plan, produce, and execute successful results.

Our Services
(All The Hats Those Guys Can Wear)

We work with clients over the long term, creating full marketing plans and approaches to complete objectives and goals. However, many times a small business or organization just needs a one off – just one task completed by someone who can wear that “hat.” In the past, we’ve suited up and helped companies with:

Marketing Services

  • Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Logo and Brand Development
  • Advertising Design and Buying
  • Sales Presentation and Development

Website Services

  • Website Design
  • Monthly WordPress Hosting and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Training
  • Integrated Email Marketing
  • Website Audits

Media and Public Relations

  • News Releases (writing, editing, and distribution)
  • Brand Journalism and Content Marketing
  • Public Relations Plans
  • Media Training
  • Corporate Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Editorial Services

Marketing Services

  • Product Photography
  • Product Videography
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Promotional Gift Design
  • Collateral Creation (brochures, flyers, specification sheets, and more)
  • Sales Presentation and Development

How We'll Work Together


In meetings, don’t be surprised if we ask a bunch of questions. We’re big believers in gaining as much information as we can before acting. We’re huge fans of Larry King’s famous words: “I never learned anything while I was talking.”


As a small firm, we’re able to be more responsive than others since there are no bottlenecks or gatekeepers. In the past, we have done whatever is needed to get the job done – including officing with a client through the duration of a critical time in the marketing campaign. We’re flexible to the needs of the project.

Clarity in Communication

The person creating is also the customer service contact, the principal, and the project manager. There is no account executive filtering the client’s message to staff to perform the work. Your directive, advice, edits, and suggestions don’t play a game of “telephone” before getting to the professional working on your project.

Managed Workload

We only accept what’s possible. Those Guys Marketing typically has nine to ten clients with needs at any time. Of those needs, only one or two may be serious in-depth projects. By limiting what we can accept, it allows us to be swift, agile, and on time.

Mutual Respect

We work with small businesses and non-profits where every dollar, every minute is instrumental to success. We also understand that you know your business better than we ever will. Our job is to pull the information and expertise from you and your team by asking meaningful questions, being efficient with your time, and respecting our relationship.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Clients often find that we are budget friendly, because our overhead is low. We take great pride in vetting the most cost-accessible vendors and techniques to complete the project, and make your marketing dollars go further.

Who Trusts Those Guys With Their Marketing?


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